Bar & Restaurant Hookah Services

If your a bar, restaurant, lounge or night club looking for a full hookah service complete with  their own shisha menu, you came to the right place!

We provide a broad range of Hookah Services tailored towards the specific needs of our clients. 

Inspired and designed by taking Bottle Heaven’s latest liquor bottle hookah creations and providing a mobile hookah catering service and making it available to bar and restaurants throughout South Florida !


We do all the work and take care of all the details, from preparation to clean up!

All of our hookah services include:

-Hookah Rental

– Hookah Set-up & Service

– Use Of Liquor Bottle Hookah Pipes

– Hookah Menu With Over 50 Shisha Flavors To Choose From

–  Hookah Attendant/ Bottle Heaven 

Angel – Will Be Provided

– Custom Flavor Creation

– Unlimited Shisha Refills

– Unlimited Refills Of Coals

– Free Sterile Mouth Pieces

– Professional Bowl Packing





Here’s a look at our Hookah Menu and all of our top quality shisha flavors offered during our services! 

 *Fruit options are only available upon advance notice.


Our team of shisha mixologists can conjure up a wide array of unique flavors of your choice and ensure that the hookah is prepared to the highest quality.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, excellent customer service and most importantly, convenience. 

We charge a flat service fee of $50 per. hour and then we give the bar, restaurant, lounge or venue an agreed on percentage of the total sales!

If you would like to service your venue feel free to contact us at:


Here are some pictures of our hookah service in action!

Bottle Heaven and our Hookah Service at the

Sand Bar in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida