In the world today, there are numerous revolutionary ideas. Lost among them all are the ideas disconnected from a driving force. Ideas that get lost, and may never come to fruition. Yet amongst them all, there is one idea, concept, or artistic creation if you will, that will change the universe!

Born in unison to the harmonic chimes of empty bottles, and joyful crowds, this one idea has become Bottle Heaven. Where all the bottles go when they die!

It was April 2012 when Anthony D. was sitting at his favorite bar. Surrounded by some of his favorite people, they all listened to the usual trio on stage, it was almost ritualistic. Anthony D. found himself mesmerized by the harmonic chimes created as the bartenders would discard their empty bottles. The sounds, repetitive and constant, resonated as thoughts of wastefulness, and opportunity. It was at this juncture that Anthony D. had that one idea! Always having possessed the driving force to guide successful ventures, Anthony D. focused all energies on saving the earth one bottle at a time.

In the days to follow, Anthony D. began to expand on his revolutionary idea. Contemplating where to start he decided he needed bottles. In his city of residence, bars, and other commercial establishments were charged for waste services. Not only was Anthony D. able to help local business owners save money, but he was able to acquire quite the collection of empty bottles. With an overstock of bottles Anthony D. began to envision how he could create opportunity not only for himself but for others in the area as well.

After careful evaluation of markets, and demand Anthony D. chose to focus on making chandeliers, and other lighting accessories. This was the beginning of Glass Bottle Lighting which focused on designing unique, handcrafted, chandeliers made from the bottles he collected. For 6 months Anthony D. established a brand, designed new products, developed a website, and generated revenue. After realizing the efforts of his hard work, Anthony D. felt the need to broaden his target market through offering a wider range of products. This was when Glass Bottle Lighting, gave way to what is now Bottle Heaven.

The first product created under the Bottle Heaven name, was the hookah; fully custom, made from a variety of liquor bottles, just like the chandeliers and lamps were. As the product line expanded, the website for Glass Bottle Lighting was transformed to portray the new Bottle Heaven brand. Anthony D. utilized his masterful SEO techniques, and flooded the web with Bottle Heaven. Soon the brand was on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. As the Bottle Heaven brand grew, Anthony D. implemented sales channels, utilizing Amazon, Local sales and the site to generate revenue. Anthony D. spend hours, working unhuman like hours to keep up with demand for his creations. Realizing the his growth and the growing demand, Anthony D. continued to develop his product line.

In order for Anthony D. to bring his new concepts to market, he needed to design, and build custom machines for production. This task, for most, would prove to be a difficult one, but with Anthony D’s background it proved to be far from daunting. With the advent of new production machines, new products were soon to follow. Bottle Heaven began to offer its tall and short tumblers, wine glasses, hurricanes, and many of the products you see available for sale today. The expansion of offerings, along with a noticeable response from Bottle Heaven fans, corroborated the transformation from Glass Bottle Lighting, to Bottle Heaven. Continual growth of the Bottle Heaven brand has led Anthony D. to relative expansion. It was no more than one year from inception when Anthony D. procured a home for Bottle Heaven.

Anthony D’s home was slowly being taken over by bottles, machines, and other tools. All of which were required to drive his business into the ranks of success. This created a need for space. It was at this point Anthony D. began his focused search for the perfect property. Not long after his search began, a property was acquired. Renting a small workshop allowed Anthony D. to centralize Bottle Heaven operations. The “shop”, was large enough to house his production machines, and a raw materials, yet small enough to remain humble and affordable. The “shop” created a productive environment for Bottle Heaven to continue to flourish.

From the harmonic chimes of the empty bottles being discarded, until today Bottle Heaven continues to consistently demonstrate its ability to be successful. Bottle Heaven fans may not possess the vision to see into the future, but there is one individual who dreams of a better tomorrow. Showcasing his multi-faceted talents Anthony D. continues to save the earth one bottle at a time.